What to expect?
Who knows?
Every gym is different!
Every kid is different!

But what I think every mom or dad is thinking…

The scene is set in the car:

I am probably more excited than she is right now to take her first gymnastics class!
Hurry up traffic I need to get there fast because WE cannot wait! So many questions to be answered! Will she like it? Will she have the best teacher in the gym? Will she cooperate and follow all the instructions? Will she be good enough? Can she keep up? Will she like the other girls? Will she be the STAR? Is this her calling? Can she make it to the OLYMPICS?
OK back to reality- I have to find a parking spot!
Yikes! Whaooooo busy……
The parking lot is crazy with lots of other moms trying to find a spot and COME ON I’m Trying SOOOOOO not to be late!
Found the spot, got her out of the car and Oh no- I just dropped the snacks and the water bottle in the street and its rolling all over the place!
OK got it together…got the kid, the leotard, hair brush and stuff and YES the snacks!
The lobby is packed with loud children bursting with atomic energy!
Everyone has to pee at the same time Oh my! Good luck to us! How do we do this fast and without getting this leotard all wet?
Ok now where do we go?
Take shoes and socks off- put in a cubby- put hair in ponytail.
Where’s the teacher?
Wow these kids need to burn some energy!
Whew- OK- its time- here come the coaches and they call out the 4:00 class!
Yes now I get to sit down and enjoy!
Oh gosh. What the heck? What are these moms talking about? Why is this little kid racing his little car up and down the bleachers? Why is the other little boy banging on the cubbies so loud? Is this mom in front of me really talking on her cell phone right now? Oh great, now the big tall guy is sitting in front of me!

Stay tuned for: Episode 2
“And she’s out to class!”