To help assure the most successful and fun party possible, Bay Aerials Gymnastics of the San Francisco Bay area has provided the following Birthday Party FAQs:

Q. How many kids are included in the party?

It depends on the party package selected:

  • $350 – Small (10) kids
  • $400 – Medium (20) kids
  • $465 – Large (30) kids


  • We do not include parents, guardians, teachers, and chaperons in your guest total. They cannot participate in the gymnastics party.
  • We do not include children under the age of three in your guest total. They cannot participate in the gymnastics party.

Q. Can parents and children under 3 participate in the gymnastics party?

Unfortunately, due to safety issues, parents, infants, and children under the age of three must remain as spectators to the party. They are to remain in the lobby area and not in the gym during the first part of the party. However, they can participate during the last part of the birthday celebration when the group moves into one of the private party areas in our facility.

Q. Am I allowed to tip the party host?

Tipping is appreciated but only if you feel the party host has given outstanding service and helped to make your party run smoothly.

Q. What decorations am I allowed?

Bay Aerials allows any table decorations such as balloons, napkins, paper plates, cups and tablecloths. However, we do not allow piñatas.

Q. What type of food is allowed at the birthday party?

We find pizza, cupcakes, juice boxes, and ice-cream cups work best as treats during your birthday party. We do have a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold.

Q. Can we serve alcohol for the adults?

There is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the premises, so no, alcohol can not be served.

Q. How early should we arrive for the birthday party?

We suggest 15 minutes prior to your scheduled birthday party time. This will give you time to collect the waivers and communicate any last minute instructions to the birthday host. If you should arrive too early, your party may need to wait in our lobby. Your birthday party will start on time, so please remind your guests to arrive on time.

Q. What about invitations?

Bay Aerials supplies you with party invitations. Each invitation provides your guest with a map to our facility and a reminder of what to wear while attending the party. A waiver for each child is included on the invitation. Each child must bring that wavier (filled out by a parent) to participate in the gym portion of the party.

Q. Do you need separate waivers for each child, even if they are in the same family?

No. All immediate family members can have their child’s names on the same waiver. We have plenty on hand if a child forgets to bring theirs.

Q. What should the kids wear to the party?

Your birthday party attendees should wear comfortable clothes — t-shirt with shorts and clean gym shoes or gymnastics leotards with gymnastics shoes. It’s best not to wear anything with buttons, buckles, zippers, belts or rivets. Also, please remove all jewelry. Attendees with need long hair will need it pulled back into a ponytail.

Q. Will I be sharing the gym with other classes or parties?

It’s possible, however a dedicated Bay Aerials Party Pro facilitates each party. If another party is in the gym at the same time, each party will have dedicated time at each party station and on the floor.

Q. What do I need to do to reserve my party?

Please call our office at 510-651-5870. All parties require full payment due at booking. $75 is non refundable should you cancel.

Q. What if I need to change the date of my party or my party package type?

No problem. A party date can be switched, provided we have a date and party host available for you.